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Case Handle Styles

W. R. Case scours the planet to find unique and durable items to use in their knife handles. From Africa comes ebony and zebra wood, the rain forests produces rosewood, tulip wood, lace wood and snake wood, which is considered to be the hardest wood in the world. Stag comes from India, desert iron wood from the southwest deserts of the US and Mexico. Ivory from the last ice age of 12,000 years ago is another exotic material. The oceans aren't forgotten either as it is a source of mother of pearl and the abalone which is harvested in Mexico. These are just a few of the exotic materials used. More common offerings and cheaper are walnut, different North American hardwoods, curly maple, synthetic materials such as G-10, Delrin which us used the black and yellow synthetic handles and vintage bone, micarta, celluloid and many others.
Amber Bone Knife Handle
Amber Bone Collection is the mainstay of the Case Family, a classic with offerings in about every pattern
Case Bermuda Green Bone Handle
Pocket Worn Bermuda Green Bone Case Pocket Knives are sure to be a trusted companion, unbeatable quality.
RussLock Case Blue Bone Bone Knife Handle
Blue Bone Handled Knives with Tru Sharp surgical steel blades will last a long time. Proudly made in the USA.
Brown Bone Case Pocket Knives
Bone Handle material comes from the shinbone of cows and is the most common material used for Case Knives. Very long lasting. In this family the bone is dyed brown.
Case Synthetic Brown Working Knife Handle
The brown synthetic Case Pocket Knife family is the strong functional type easy on the eye and pocketbook.
W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery has has teamed with Carhartt to bring you rugged knives in Carharrt fashion.
W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. has teamed together with Carhartt® to present these Limited Edition knives.
Case® Ford® Knives
In 1903, Henry Ford started the Ford Motor Company, and changed how the world moves. Case® celebrates the legacy of this company with an introductory family of pocketknives and themed collectibles, each carefully crated but built to be tough.
Case Cayenne Bone Knife Handle
Our customers named this hot new bone handle color, Cayenne adding extra heat to the Case knife family.
Case Smooth Chestnut Knife Handle
The elegant deep rich chestnut handles on these Case knives look like something you want to hang on forever.
Case Dark Red Bone Handle Handle
Dark Red Bone Handled Knives feature classic chrome vanadium blades with tough guy construction.
Case Indestructible G-10 Bone Handle
This Case Knife collection, with the virtually indestructible G-10 Handle is one of our toughest ever.
Case Key Lime Green Bone Handle
What really takes the cake - or rather, key lime pie - is the vibrant, citrus shade of the beautiful bone handles.
Kirinite™ Patriot Case Knives
No other material has the impactful style and durability of Kirinite™. Smooth but never slippery, Kirinite's™ bond with your hand get better after each polishing. Nine patterans are available in this inaugural family featuring Tru-Sharp™ surgical steel bl
Case American Workman Navy Blue Synthetic Handle
American Workman the workingman's knife with jigged blue synthetic handles & tru sharp surgical steel blades, this Case Knife embodies the American work ethic.
Case Navy Blue Bone Handle
This Navy Bone collection features our bright red logo awash in blue with blades of tru-sharp surgical steel.
Persimmon Orange Bone
These pocketknives feature a Smooth Persimmon Orange Bone handle that is laser engraved with the Harley-Davidson® logo
Pocket Worn Harvest Orange
Introduced in 2006 the Harvest Orange Jigged Bone Knives celebrate the 10th year of Case Pocket Worn.
Case Pocket Worn Old Red Bone Handle
The best thing about pocket worn Case knives is they feel right. Right Away. Jigged Old Red Bone Handles
Case Sea Green Bone Handle Case Knife
Sea Green Bone Handle is the 26th Case Limited Edition series of knives, only 3,000 of each pattern is produced. Distinctive embellished blades
Silver and Black Layered G-10
Let you adventure into Case® knives begin with the virtually indestructible Silver and Black layered G-10 family.
Case Silver Script Green Bone Handle
A classic sports car reincarnated as a Case Hunter Green knife. British racing green with nickel silver script.
Silver Script Walnut Bone Case Knives
Nothing compares to the elegant Silver Script Shield on the rich walnut bone Case pocket knife.
Smooth Black Synthetic
This family of handcrafted knives is made of impact resistant Smooth Black Synthetic handles carrying the nickel silver Harley-Davidson® shield.
Smooth Natural Bone
The first one you always reach for. It's been spotted on farms, in the woods and in more than a few collections. Over the years, it's even caused a missed flight or two. The true heart of the Case line, the Natural Bone Handle.
Tec X
Tec X is a brand of high-quality knives with stylish modern designs, engineered from high grade materials for lasting durability
Case® Melon Tester Knife
In the late 19th Century, produce buyers carried a slender knife to cut a plug from a melon to assess its freshness. A new selection from Case®.
Case® TecX® Pocket Knives
Tec X is a brand of high-quality knives with stylish modern designs, engineered from high grade materials for lasting durability. Tec X knives are designed and built for customers looking for the ultimate utility knife for a wide range of applications.
Case Tuxedo Pocket Knife
The Case® Tuxedo has returned after a "sabbatical" inside the Case® XX Vault. Locking this pattern up for three years allowed us to make improvements to this pattern, some handle materials available are mother of pearl, and cayenne.
Trapper by W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co.
The Case® trapper knife consists of two blades, spey & clip master blade, one of the best selling pocket knives.
Peanut by W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co.
Peanut by Case® Knives is one of W. R.Case & Sons Cutlery Co. smaller pocket knives
Hunting and Fishing Knives by W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co.
Specially Designed Hunting and Fishing Knives by Case® for a wide range of uses in the outdoors such as skinning deer and filleting fish. With these US made knives, the blades stay sharp a long time.
Stockman by W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co.
Stockman is a Three Blade Pocket Knife by W.R. Case& Sons Cutlery Co., in production for almost a century, these have been a favorite of farmers over the years.
Texas Toothpick by W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co.
Texas Toothpick is a Uniquely Styled Single Blade Knife still manufactured by W.R. Case Cutlery the USA
Case Pocket Worn Harvest Orange Handle
Released from the Case® XX Vault in 2011. The Case® Knives Cheetah has returned with improvements.
RussLock by W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co.
Case® Knives RussLock® has an Easy Open Single Locking Blade and is still proudly made in the USA
CopperLock® by W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co.
CopperLock® is a Single Blade Locking Pocket Knife by W.R.Case & Sons Cutlery co. Knives still made in the USA
Case Knives BackPocket Family
Case® BackPocket® Family is their Newest Pocket Knife Offering, designed by legendary knife maker Tony Bose.
Humpback Whittler by W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co.
Humpback Whittler and other Whittler Styles by Case® Knives each having three multi use blades.
Misscellaneous WR Case Knives
Assorted and Specialty Knives by Case® including Doctor Knives, Equestrian, Scout, Hobo, Barlow, Moose, Pen, Jack, Muskrat, Desk, and other pocket knife styles with many different handle materials.
Sod Buster by W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co.
Case Knives Sod Buster Pocket Knife is a Very Versatile Offering with a single skinning blade.
John Deere by W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co.
Case Cutlery John Deere Officially Licensed Pocket Knife, Two Great American Brands Come Together. A wide selection to suit every farmer and collector.
LockBack Knives by W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co.
Lockback has a stainless steel Single Blade, this tough versatile WR Case pocket knife is ready for any job.
Case Genuine Stag Handle
With the introduction of Prime XX Stag the skilled artisans of W.R. Case have raised the bar yet again.
Tested Red Barnboard
Tested Red Barnboard Handled Knives.
Trapperlock by W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co.
TrapperLock Single Locking Blade by W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co, a great knife for the hunter.
Canoe by W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co.
Canoe is a Two Blade Pocket Knife by W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery being made in USA since before 1915.
Case Palmette BoneHandle
Smooth Natural Bone with Palm Design
Case Knives Saddlehorn
Case Knives Saddlehorn is a Cowboy's Dream in a Pocket Knife
Sway Back by W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co.
Case Knives Present the Uniquely Designed Sway Back Pocket Knife
Case Hawkbill Pruning Pocket Knife
A workingman's favorite, originally used for pruning shrubs & fruit trees, now used for sheetrock, carpet and more.
National Wild Turkey Federation by W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co.
Case Presents Licensed National Wild Turkey Federation Knives
Case Holiday and Limited Edition Knives
Special Edition Blades are a Great Gift for the Collector.
Case Knife Accessories
Case Cutlery Has a Wide Range of Accessories for your Knife
Holiday Knives by W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co.
Case Knives Holiday Offerings Make Great Presents Year Round.
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