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Case Handle Styles

W. R. Case scours the planet to find unique and durable items to use in their knife handles. From Africa comes ebony and zebra wood, the rain forests produces rosewood, tulip wood, lace wood and snake wood, which is considered to be the hardest wood in the world. Stag comes from India, desert iron wood from the southwest deserts of the US and Mexico. Ivory from the last ice age of 12,000 years ago is another exotic material. The oceans aren't forgotten either as it is a source of mother of pearl and the abalone which is harvested in Mexico. These are just a few of the exotic materials used. More common offerings and cheaper are walnut, different North American hardwoods, curly maple, synthetic materials such as G-10, Delrin which us used the black and yellow synthetic handles and vintage bone, micarta, celluloid and many others.
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