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Case Hawkbill Pruner Pocket Knife

The orginal Hawkbill was a workingman's favorite. So how do you improve on that? Case Designer Scott Freer used original knives from our factory collection along with advanced state of the art computer technology to enhance performance. The predatory hawk is known for its short, hooked beak and sharp success as a hunter. Our recently re-engineered Hawkbill Pruner has a redesigned blade built for high performance. This is the most agressive new knife introduced in recent years. The Hawkbill pattern is mostly a single bladed 4" jack knife that is also known as a pruner's knife. These pocket knives all have a single hawk bill style blade that with the extreme curve of the blade made this knife ideal for any rough job and was originally used for pruning shrubs and fruit trees, but is now handier for cutting sheetrock, carpet, roofing paper and other such materials. These knives have been manufactured by Case since sometime prior to 1915. Most were manufactured with walnut, laminated wood, or bone handles. A few were made with pakkawood. As with all Case Pocket Knives, the Hawkbill Pruner is still proudly made in the USA with great pride and workmanship.
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American Made Caramel Bone Knife
Case & Sons Cutlery Caramel Bone Hawkbill Pruner Knife
Price: $59.99
Case & Sons Cutlery Caramel Bone Hawkbill Pruner Knife
A timeless symbol of Style and Elegance is the Caramel Bone Collection from W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co.
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