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Chocolate Fiesta

In November 2008, Homer Laughlin released its latest limited-edition color, Chocolate, which is the color of milk chocolate,  adds a second neutral tone to Fiesta's color palette. CHOCOLATE HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED for 2012. Order early to be sure to receive the pieces you want. Still proudly made in the USA.
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Chocolate Loaf Pan made in America
Fiesta Loaf Pan in Chocolate
Price: $30.99
Fiesta Loaf Pan in Chocolate
Loaf Pan in Chocolate by Fiesta ware hold 46 ounces
Fiestaware by the Homer Laughlin China Co.
Fiestaware Trivet in Chocolate
Price: $7.99
Fiestaware Trivet in Chocolate
Chocolate Color Glazed Fiesta Ware Trivet
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